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Liberty Kitchen will create, supply and deliver tasty, original London-inspired street food made and distributed by prisoners and ex-prisoners across the capital.

Launched in HMP Pentonville a Cat B/C London male prison which regularly holds approximately 1300 men, a team of men will produce a range of iconic tastes which sate the appetite while providing a flavour of London’s great diversity and traditions.

For more info or press enquiries, send an email to janet@libertykitchen.org

About the Chef

Creating delicious food is what makes French born Liberty Kitchen Head Chef, Sebastien Lauret tick! From working in Michelin listed Bell’s Diner in Bristol to Michelin 2* establishments Sebastien’s recent experience has seen him produce 600 covers a day as Head Chef for the Poco Festival and run roof top pop ups for Tom’s Feast in Dalston. 

Italian slow food principles and sourcing fabulous ingredients are part of his mantra as is a belief that cooking is a fabulous way to engage with people who are in a place (prison) where we might all find ourselves. For Sebastien, Liberty Kitchen is a chance to share his years of experience and skills while developing the scrumptious ‘Ball no Chain’ London Street food range. ‘Is what Liberty Kitchen trying to do hard?” ‘Bien Sur’ he exclaims but so is being a Chef!

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Our Founder

Having spent 15 years visiting Holloway Prison as an independent monitor Liberty Kitchen Founder/Director Janet Boston saw first hand the real difference that purposeful activity rather than hours of lock up makes. Especially innovative schemes that gave people in prison the chance to gain skills, relevant qualifications and take on jobs involving day release or ‘real’ contracts.

Loving the new tastes on the city streets and a passionate foodie, Janet is working with an expert Board to develop Liberty Kitchen as a street food social enterprise working initially with Pentonville men. Not only will Liberty Kitchen give men skills for life it will produce a range of iconic tastes which sate the appetite while providing a flavour of London’s great cultural diversity and traditions.

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